The Yacht Week Sardinia Day 6 – Poltu Quatu to Porto Cervo

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Our 6th morning saw us sailing towards Porto Cervo along the coastline of Costa Smeralda, but not before recreating TYW legendary circle raft:



Get out your floaties again here! It’s your last chance to enjoy the festivities of a floating festival:


And by last chance, I mean it: Even if you’re injured we’ll find a way to fix you up by accosting other yachts for their saran wrap, plastic bags, and duct tape. I mean, how could you go to a Yacht Week without having gone into the water even once?


As we got everyone to jump in at once to the tune of Galantis’ “Peanut Butter and Jelly” and partied it up in the middle, we felt the winds beginning to pick up.



Ending the party earlier than usual due to the conditions, all 3 monsoon catamarans sought shelter, eventually joining on ours for a Mexican-themed lunch fiesta.



We eventually arrived into safety of the nearby marina of Porto Cervo an hour earlier, not knowing we were also sailing right in the middle of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup festivities.



Dock here and you might find yourself instead swimming among shops that belong more along Champs-Élysées or 5th Avenue.



Later that night we took advantage of the local festivities going on at the Rolex Cup and crashed their afterparty at Just Cavalli While otherwise a great outdoor nightclub space, don’t bother coming here early for dinner: It’s not a restaurant. It’s a nightclub.



We then returned to our yachts where some of us stayed up chatting until sunrise, again.




- At time of posting in Porto Cervo, it was 24 °C - Humidity: 73% | Wind Speed: 20km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear


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