Meet The Monsooners to French Polynesia, Tahiti, & Bora Bora!

by | Feb 12, 2022 | Introductions


We’re doing it again.



After the enormous success of our first partnered trip with The Yacht Week last September, and then less than 4 months later with TYW for Saint Lucia & Martinique, we return with TYW to Tahiti in 2 months.

Our return monsooners:

Since I’m curious if I could enjoy more of the experience for as much of the week as possible (rather than just the last day when I finally relieved myself of responsibilities at the trip’s end), I’m keeping this one to a more manageable one yacht crew this time…

….Although I won’t fight you if more of you still want to join us; I just might have to assign more lieutenants to help out! Please still inquire if you are interested.

Once again, I introduce the next generation of monsooners:


Calvin "O Captain My Captain" Sun - Expedition Leader | NYC


Vanessa "Body Shots" Loftis - Returning Chef: Sep. '21 (Sardinia/Corsica) | NC


Donna "Spyglass" V. – Senior Monsooner: Sept. '21 (The Tyrrhenian Sea), June '21 (Cyprus), May '19 (Isle of Man & Northern Ireland), Jan '19 (Prague & Budapest), Aug. '18 (Japan), Winter ’18 (Australia & NZ) | Boston, MA | Real Estate & Construction | Wentworth Institute of Technology


Lyla "Island Broker" Kamigaki – NYC | Real Estate | Boston University


Jenny Fu – NYC | Consultant


Daniel "FOMO King" Jeng - NYC | Software Engineer, Ramp


Amanda Shillingford - NP | VT


Miso - Yorkie | NYC
Borna "Third Time's The Charm" Baricevic - Kind-of Returning Skipper: Jan. '22 (Martinique/St. Lucia)


Mihaela "Compass" K. - Lieutenant, Senior Monsooner: Oct. '21 (Saudi Arabia), Sept.'21 (Sardinia/Corsica), Jun '21 (Cyprus), Aug. '20 (USA), Dec. '19 (Egypt), Nov. '18 (Armenia), June '18 (The Persian Gulf), Oct. '17 (Slovenia), Aug. '17 (The Balkans), May '17 (Luxembourg), Mar. '17 (Scotland), Jan. '17 (Mongolia & Tibet) | NYC | Cytologist, Mt. Sinai


Gina "Million Dollar Wakeboarder" Fortunato - Returning Monsooner: Sept. '21 (Sardinia/Corsica), Jun '21 (Cyprus) | Denver, CO


Bruce Zhang - NYC | Medical Scribe


Dona "Dr. Marathon" Tella - USATF Coach, Ultra-Marathoner, EMT | NYC


Ginna "Divemaster" Dammann - Kansas City | Medical Scribe


Jay Shih - NYC


Craig Hays - Finance | NYC



And where we’re actually monsooning through this coming late April:




Bora Bora
Motu Mahaea


We still have spots available and open up new yachts, but not for long!

Want to join us? More details about the trip can be found here.



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