Meet The Monsooners To Iraq, Jordan, & Egypt!

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No matter what happens, I am grateful to know I live in a world where even if I’m heading to a place like Syria or Iraq, a wonderful group of great people would join me.

Due to the security clearances for USA passport holders taking longer than we had expected, I have made an executive decision at the last minute to move the trip to Iraq on the same dates. Thanks to my friend Rik of Culture Road, who I joined for a beer last time I was in Iraq 5 years ago, we made it happen.

What is life when 12 exceptional, self-actualized, forward thinking, culturally competent, and socially conscious individuals — 8 of whom have traveled with me before — climb onboard for a type of experience where 99% of the world would otherwise look the other way?

. . . And I’m especially grateful to those returning with me for their 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 7th monsoon:


Once again, I introduce the next generation of monsooners:


Calvin "O Captain My Captain" Sun - Expedition Leader | NYC


Anthony Lui: New York, NY
Anthony "Liquid Pizza" Lui – Returning Monsooner: Jan. '19 (Prague), Aug. '17 (The Balkans), Dec. ’14 (The Palawan, East Timor) | Amsterdam/NYC | Interactive Developer | Hunter ’13


Chyne "Papa Bear" Tan - Return Monsooner: Nov. '21 (El Salvador), Sept. '21 (Sardinia, Corsica), Nov. '19 (Egypt) | NYC | Pediatrician, Adolescent Medicine


Priscilla "Motherfriggin Chicken" Yoon - Return Monsooner: Sept. '21 (Sardinia & Corsica) | Higher Education | Seattle


Marina Girgis - Physician | NYC


Anjali Patel - CityMD | NJ


LY Looi - UNHCR | Malaysia


Sarah L - NYC
Mihaela "Compass" K. - Lieutenant, Senior Monsooner: Oct. '21 (Saudi Arabia), Sept.'21 (Sardinia/Corsica), Jun '21 (Cyprus), Aug. '20 (USA), Dec. '19 (Egypt), Nov. '18 (Armenia), June '18 (The Persian Gulf), Oct. '17 (Slovenia), Aug. '17 (The Balkans), May '17 (Luxembourg), Mar. '17 (Scotland), Jan. '17 (Mongolia & Tibet) | NYC | Cytologist, Mt. Sinai


Amanda "Kabul Heat" Cheng - Returning Monsooner: Nov. '16 (Bulgaria), Jun. '19 (Unknown UAE & Afghanistan) | Marketing


Kimmy "Rosemary Marinade" Wu - Return Monsooner: Jan '22 (St. Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe), Nov. '21 (El Salvador) | Grad Student | DC


Ihita "Clubhouse" Kabir - Return Monsooner: Sept. '21 (Sardinia, Corsica), Jan. '17 (Russia) | Washington, DC | Consulting | U of Maryland, College Park


Annie R. - NYC | Toxicologist & Emergency Medicine Physician


Alicia S - NYC












And where we’re actually monsooning to next week:


Baghdad, Iraq


Samarra, Iraq


Amman, Jordan


Petra, Jordan


White Desert, Egypt
Karbala, Iraq


Babylon, Iraq


Dead Sea, Jordan


Cairo & Giza, Egypt




Still interested in joining us? More details about the trip can be found here. And space is still available!

Inquire within: calvin[at]monsoondiaries[dot]com.


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