The Yacht Week x The Monsoon Diaries: French Polynesia Day 2: Plage Hana Iti

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Believe it or not, we worked in a solid night of sleep before waking up the next morning to another Polynesian sunrise.



While I personally had expected to wake up again to footsteps of our crew getting underway for our 4 hour sail from Raiatea towards Huahine Island, there was none of that on starting this route. Instead I woke up to everyone taking their time relaxing on island-speed. We even had time to do last minute on land bathroom runs!



Our breakfast spread:



By 8am, we were off! Keep in mind if you’re going to repeat our itinerary, the 4 hr sail across the open pacific can be rough, so take seasickness pills if necessary. Nearly everyone on our yacht was suffering,



Huahine means ‘pregnant women’ in the local language because its silhouette resembles a reclining mother-to-be. It’s also the peak from the movie Moana!



On arrival after 4 hours of the open sea we anchored off from Plage Hana Iti, a private beach, for 2 hours of swimming.



We also did a bit of diving…



…and practicing at our SUP skills:



Here we stayed with nature, slowly forming a line raft of yachts.



Around mid-afternoon, we took our dinghies to shore for a private party on a private beach named Plage Hana Iti. There the locals at Huahine came to host us with music, games, dances, BBQ chicken and fish, and massages, all of which proceeds go back into cleaning up and maintaining the local environment.



After taking in the sunset from the beach, we returned back to our line raft of yachts where we then spent the evening enjoying the peace of natural tranquillity and a cooked meal onboard with our fellow yachts.



From boat hopping different onboard parties or laying on the deck of your yacht and waxing nostalgic for shooting stars, this is all the ingredients you need for magic.




- At time of posting in Huahine, it was 27 °C - Humidity: 79% | Wind Speed: 23km/hr | Cloud Cover: partly cloudy


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