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Our road trip through Wales begins! Starting from London we took Bolt/Ubers for LCY airport, picking up our pre-reserved vehicles at the airport car park.



After an hour of registration hoops, forms, and processing, we set out through an hour of London traffic for LHR airport, picking up Evie and Gul and our last two arrivals for the trip. 

Then we set out for an another 2 hour drive, leaving London behind for Stonehenge.



Congratulations to Kenny, Isaiah, Evan, and Hayden for the being the first out of all of us to reach there without getting a speeding ticket.



160+ countries and this would be my first visit to Stonehenge! Would you believe that? Peak entry fee is 20GBP per adult, last entry 2 hours before closing at 17:00. 

From admissions it’s then a 30 minute hike or a 10 minute shuttle bus to the formation.



A prehistoric monument possibly as hold as 3000 BC, It consists of an outer ring of sarsen stones, each around 13 feet high, 7 feet wide, and weighing around 25 tons, topped by bridges of connecting horizontal lintel stones.



Inside is a ring of free-standing trilithons within freestanding bluestones, similarly with two bulkier vertical Sarsens joined by one lintel stone.



Stonehenge in its entirety is orientated towards the sunrise on the summer solstice.



Or it must be aliens.



Just kidding. After about an hour here we drove onwards into Wales.




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