The Yacht Week Greece Day 3 – Our Poros Thirst

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After more than 24 hours on sea, we returned to land and docked on the island of Poros at 9am in the morning.



We then enjoyed a free morning including walks along Poros’ scenic waterfront eating pita gyros and spanakopita, refreshing ourselves with an ice cold frappés and freddos, and riding on our choice of ATVs, scooters, or electric bikes.



With an ATV costing €45 per ATV fitting up to 2 folks each, we were given two and a half hours to explore the island of Poros (it only takes an hour to see the whole island).



We saw a monastery from the outside that wouldn’t let us in because of what we were (not) wearing…



… and the archaeological remains of the Poseidon Sanctuary:



We took our time at the top:



…and recalled that 4 of us also had rode ATVs and buggies together 15 months ago in Bora Bora!



With plenty of time left after a full roundtrip around the island, we drove back to fit in a small hike down to a secret cove for a swim:



At 11:30am we returned to our yachts and relaxed for the afternoon before a water taxi ride to Love Bay.



There we got a few bottles and played beer pong for an afternoon beach party, where our very own Lyla won the Yacht Week’s limbo contest!



I dare say I held my own and didn’t sit out limbo this time.



We then continued the day party for a few more hours.



…before returning to change for our night activities, which included this sunset as our backdrop



Instead of joining the others at Oasis, we instead got our own family home cooked meal at Apagio:



Partying late into the night while still on land, the group then moved on to Malibu for late night dancing on top of their infamous dance barrels. This is us looking a little more presentable beforehand.






- At time of posting in Poros, it was 34 °C - Humidity: 36% | Wind Speed: 21km/hr | Cloud Cover: still hot. it's called a heat wave


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