The bus ride that no one but Calvin and I found hilarious, then not so hilarious

In Nepal, the transportation is..well…not like Turkey’s. So to travel approximately 200 km, we alloted a day each way. The ride to Pokhara, was a little uncomfortable and long, but alright. The ride today back though, was a comedy of errors.

  • 7:40 the bus leaves after the guy straps some stuff to the roof
  • 8:00 the bus rear ends a taxi
  • 9:22 we stop at a rest stop where they charge 40 rupees for toilet paper. the driver shoves some rocks under the bus
  • 10:30 landslide blocks all traffic
  • 10:45 we drive through a river
  • 10:46 the wedged rocks fall out
  • 11:03 I start this entry. Calvin and I are laughing hysterically. no one else seems to find this amusing. girl behind Calvin is near tears.
  • 11:47 after passing by road washouts and stalled cars, we double park on the side on the road for no apparent reason. now we’re the cause of traffic.
  • 12:20 rest stop 2. nothing to report here.
  • 2:45 even crappier roads. and rain. I am being thrown out of my seat by the jolts. the bus’s shrill horn is screeching every 2 minutes. Calvin is going to murder someone
  • 3:00 I miss those rocks dearly. I suspect they were used to stop the bus from bouncing so much.
  • 3:25 the bus finally stops, mercifully.


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