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In an attempt to slow down, I decided to skip out on Calvin and Karen’s Madurai adventure. Instead, I took a flight yesterday to Chennai and then a bus to Pondicherry.

Woke up in Pondicherry this morning to a blackout. With no internet and no way to contact Calvin and Karen, I did what anyone else would do in a former french colony… I rented a bicycle, got some croissants and went to the beach!

But before that I:

  • Found this amazing farmer’s market and fish market.
  • Bought a coconut!
  • Rode to the train station and bus station (no sign of Calvin or Karen).
  • Found some Columbia grad students!
  • Saw some temples
  • Got blessed by an elephant!

Then while staring out at the waves I felt this SHOVE and someone yelled “GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!”. It was Calvin and Karen. They found me!

We got into a rickshaw, headed to Auroville (a super trippy utopian colony that centers around a giant gold golf ball) and checked out their shops/promotional video.  I got some hand pressed paper. We walked through the reforested parks. Their whole gardening around the “galaxy” colony is really astounding.