The good news is that we accomplished the challenge of making it to 3 countries/sovereignties in a single day. We got in and out of Gibraltar and got to see the Rock, we made it to the Algeciras ferry to Morocco, and we caught the 9:35pm train to Fez 5 minutes before departure. Oh, and there’s wireless in this train station that somehow and oddly only works for me and nobody else…(more of a bittersweet kind of news)

The bad news is about everything else: to get to Fez from Tangiers, we were supposed to change to a 3am connecting train at Sidi Kacem but we had no idea (nobody told us and it was not obvious on any map) and overslept it. We’re now freezing our butts off for the next four hours as we wait for a makeup 6:30am connecting train to Fez in a middle-of-nowhere town called Kenitra.

This also happened to be the only night on the trip I didn’t book any accommodation ahead of time as I figured we would “wing it” by sleeping in the Fez train station. No money wasted and we’ll end up starting our day in Fez at the same time; we’re just in a different train station in this scenario. I guess after everything that’s happened, it means that all of this was meant to be?

I hope so.



- At time of posting in Kenitra, it was 3 °C - Humidity: 93% | Wind Speed: 3km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds


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