The proper way to celebrate New Year's in Lahore


After the Baraat yesterday, we went out for late night milkshakes at The Good Shake (which I really recommend!) before watching Insidious 2 at home:


Classin' it up at The Good Shake


We then headed to the Lahore Polo Club for a late brunch the next day:


Mariam's new friend

Beefsteak with risotto

The Lambchops

The Chicken

Then walked around the Racecourse:

Because the food at the Polo Club took awhile, we were too late getting to Lahore Fort when it closed at 5pm:



We snuck in through the front gate anyway, and took photos from as far as we could reach inside:



Promising to visit the fort another day, we checked out nearby Gurdwara of Arjan Dev instead, along with it containing the ashes and remains of Ranjit Singh, the maharaja who founded the Sikh empire: 



Then we headed back home:


Braving through a rolling blackout:



Finally, we celebrated New Year’s Eve probably in a different way from all our friends back in NYC:



Somewhere out there among the countless New Year’s Eves being celebrated in the world, there gathers a group of friends on a lone rooftop in Lahore, huddling next to one another while cooking kebabs over a makeshift diesel-powered bonfire, and preferring to be nowhere else than in the company of new friends and family.



Choosing always to remain off the beaten path, we wish you all a happy new year! 

Tomorrow we head by an overnight train to Karachi for the Walima (the 3rd and last part of the wedding where the groom hosts the bride’s family at his place, showing that the bride is okay and happy…but really also to show off that he can throw a good party as well).



- At time of posting in Lahore Airport, it was 14 °C - Humidity: 47% | Wind Speed: 10km/hr | Cloud Cover: nil significant cloud


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