From Lahore To Karachi By Train

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The next morning we got ready for a 3pm train leaving from Lahore to Karachi. The whole journey took about 20 hours.

Our 3pm train — The Pak Business Express — is owned by a private company instead of the government, so we were able to get reservations for a cushy Business Class car that boasted frequent tea being served, meals, and decent (although on and off) WiFi. It was a pretty pleasant ride, and if you ride with good people (like I did), it’ll pass by more quickly than you think.

From Defence to the Lahore Train Station takes about a 30min drive:


Lahore Train Station

Families can fit as many as 7 on one motorbike


Business Class allows you to stay in their renovated waiting room:



At around 2:50pm we proceeded through a few rounds of security on the platform:



Pick your berth:



The train departed at around 3:0pm:



After a few minutes of passing through the outskirts in Lahore, we ended up in the farmlands fairly quickly:



You’ll pass through a few towns over the course of the next few hours…



…before it becomes night fairly quickly:



The trains are organized similarly to that of India’s: you can fit anywhere from 2-6 people in a berth, and it comes with a TV playing the latest Bollywood, power outlets, WiFi access, and tables to play cards and eat food:



There are an occasional few rest stops where you can get out and stretch your legs:


The next morning, try to catch the sunrise on the horizons of Pakistan’s countryside:



When you reach Hyderabad, you’ll know you’re about 1-2 more hours away from Karachi:



We cross the dried up Sindh river:


Looks legit


And we arrived into Karachi at around 11am the next morning:






- At time of posting in Karachi Airport, it was 20 °C - Humidity: 26% | Wind Speed: 8km/hr | Cloud Cover: nil significant cloud


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