Greenland Day 1: The East Greenland Sea

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After one night of sailing from Akureyri  north for Greenland, by morning we crossed the Arctic Circle and spotted blue and fin whales swimming alongside us.

Otherwise it was mostly a sea day where we stared endlessly into infinite waters. I handily found myself an office space in the lecture hall.



For the whole day we meandered about on the ship, as we picked up our boots, ate ample amount of food, and sat in on various lectures discussing zodiac boarding, safety precautions, cultural and environmental competency, photography skills, as well as kayaking and diving off of Greenland.

And as evening came, we witnessed our first icebergs as we approached the east Greenland coast near Brewster.



By 5pm we had our first sighting of Greenland itself:



As the sun began to churn the golden hour, we took advantage of the natural light.



Looking forward to tomorrow where we’ll finally be able to set foot on solid land!



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- At time of posting in Kap Brewster, Sermersooq, it was 2 °C - Humidity: n/a | Wind Speed: 17km/hr | Cloud Cover: colder than you think


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