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What a beautiful lazy morning in Reykjavik:



Today at 9am we departed via chartered bus from the city hall of Reykjavik on a 6 hour trip to Akureyri, in the north of the country.

The views outside while driving up western Iceland:



After 7 hours of driving with frequent breaks every hour and a half (and I slept through nearly all of them), we immediately embarked Oceanwide Expeditions‘ brand new m/v Hondius at 4pm.



It appears much has been upgraded since our time on m/v Ortelius 5 years ago.



We then all sat for a brief introductory video and an evacuation drill at 5pm.



By early evening the horn sounded and we began setting sail towards the Denmark Strait.



So what to do when you’re in the middle of open sea? We drink!



And it’ll be like this for the next 36 hours!


- At time of posting in Akureyri, Iceland, it was 5 °C - Humidity: 73% | Wind Speed: 21km/hr | Cloud Cover: cold as balls