Greenland Day 3: We “Røde Fjord” Through Greenland!

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A video recap of today:



This morning we finally woke up to a clear, nearly cloudless sunrise at 7am. It was worth staying out in the cold for:



After breakfast, all of us took a zodiac cruise in the inner Scoresby Sound to Røde Fjord.



Here is where a mountainous coast meets with some of the world’s most beautiful icebergs in an all-natural myriad of colours.



Getting cold? No worries, we’ll have some hot cocoa and rum waiting for you:



After an hour of cruising, we disembarked and hiked around an enclosed perimeter for views over Røde Fjord:



Get up to the ridge and you can get these fantastic view of the harbor and its “iceberg graveyard.”



It takes about 20 minutes to walk end to end within the perimeter.



In the afternoon, we leisurely sailed through Røde Fjord to the northern part, Harefjord, where we took in the colors of autumnal Greenland.



In a last minute decision, however, we all then went on a late afternoon zodiac cruise in the area:



All the rage today was taking a closer look at the musk oxen in the area, however.



And after an hour, we returned to the Hondius for a late dinner.



And as I slept in early to reset my circadian rhythm, some of us stayed up past midnight and were able to get these photos of the aurora borealis (photo credit: Gaute Friis):






- At time of posting in Harefjord, it was -1 °C - Humidity: 76% | Wind Speed: 18km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear


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