Greenland Day 4: Sydkap & Hall Bredning

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This morning we woke up to another gorgeous cloudless sunrise, this time in Jyttehavn:



Every passing moment here illuminated another shade of brilliance.



Somehow here the sun-kissed peaks of Jyttehavn recalled for me the Mac OS X factory-set desktop backgrounds:



After sunrise and breakfast we leisurely sailed north through Ø Fjord towards Sydkap.



Here we witnessed cathedrals of even more enormous icebergs, some of which are taller than 100 metres, a few km long and even touching the bottom of the sea.



In the afternoon, we moored near Sydkap, where we had the opportunity to see one of the most iconic sights in Eastern Greenland.



This would be Hall Bredning, renowned for its dazzling display of reflected light:






After landing on the coast, 20 of us went on another fast and furious hike at 1pm to go further, faster, and higher than the others.



Here this area is much larger and more expansive, with way more photo opportunities:



This included the moment where we all went full silent ninja to sneak up on an arctic hare for a quick photo:



After hiking 2 hours, 3 miles, and climbing 1300 feet, we got to the very top of Sydkap and held our breath:



I just held on:



After 15 minutes resting at the top and then another hour to descend to our landing zone, about 10 of us went on another extended hike up an adjacent ridge for a more uninterrupted panoramic view of Hall Bredning:



At 6:30pm we finally returned for a special outdoor BBQ dinner and dance party on the deck of the Hondius



These were our sunset views during dinner:



Then as one final cherry on top, by 9pm we were then treated to an awesome northern lights show as we danced the night away outside:


Dance-off break!



For many of on the ship, this was one of the best displays of the aurora borealis we’ve ever seen.




- At time of posting in Sydkap, Greenland, it was n/a - Humidity: 78% | Wind Speed: 5km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear


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