Meet The Monsooners To Syria!

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No matter what happens, I am grateful to know I live in a world where even if I’m heading to a place like Syria, a wonderful group of great people would join me.

What is life when 16 exceptional, self-actualized, forward thinking, culturally competent, and socially conscious individuals — 14 of whom have traveled with me before — climb onboard for a type of experience where 99% of the world would otherwise look the other way?

. . . And I’m especially grateful to those returning with me for their 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 7th monsoon:


And the people I’ve picked up along my journeys:

  • Pier-André Doyon, whom I traveled with to Socotra Island/Yemen and on The Saharan Odyssey!
  • Meghan Whittaker, whom I traveled with to Socotra Island/Yemen!
  • Kevin Kehnke, whom I traveled on The Saharan Odyssey!
  • Priyanka Shetty, whom I met and traveled with in Egypt!
  • Tom Karrel, whom I met in Rwanda!


Once again, I introduce the next generation of monsooners:


Calvin "O Captain My Captain" Sun - Expedition Leader | NYC | Clinical Professor & Emergency Medicine Physician


Ann "Punerator" Wenn - Returning Monsooner: May '17 (Luxembourg), Jan '18 (Australia & NZ), Jun. '18 (The Persian Gulf), Jan '19 (Prague & Budapest), Aug '19 (Off The Eastern Coast of Africa) | NYC | Human Resources


Amanda "Spiderwoman" Cheng - Returning Monsooner: Nov. '16 (Bulgaria), Jun. '19 (Unknown UAE & Afghanistan) | Marketing

Bryce "Cowboy" Maynard - Returning Monsooner: Winter '17 (Australia) | Copyright Law | Alexandria, VA


Pier-André "The Pun-isher" Doyon - Returning Monsooner: Nov '19 (Socotra/Yemen), Jan '20 (Saharan Odyssey) | Shanghai | Guide, Young Pioneer Tours


Priyanka "Sweet Tooth" Shetty - Returning Monsooner: Winter '19 (Egypt) | SF | Strategy Consulting, Netflix


Annie R. - NYC | Toxicologist & Emergency Medicine Physician


Tom Karrel - Kampala, Uganda | Director of Operations, Global Livingstone Institute


Rui C. - Portgual | Sales, TAP Portugal


Ulysses T. - UK


Diana "Mia Dolan" Klatt - Creative Director, Returning Monsooner: Dec. '17 (Australia), Nov. '19 (Egypt) | NYC | Epidemiologist


Evan Danek - Returning Monsooner: Jan '19 (Prague & Budapest), Mar '19 (North Pakistan), May '19 (Barbados), Summer '19 (Unknown UAE, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Uganda), Aug '19 (Off The Eastern Coast of Africa) | NYC | Enterprise Applications Manager, Transit Wireless


Alexandra "Venus Flytrap" De Rosa - Returning Monsooner: Winter '17 (Australia & New Zealand) | NYC | Research Assistant, Memorial Sloan Kettering


Venla "Nomada" Maki Ikola - Returning Monsooner: May '18 (Iraq), Mar. '19 (Pakistan) | Helsinki, Finland | ICU Nurse


Sampson "Apalca" Lau - Returning Monsooner: Winter '17 (Australia) | Mountain View, CA | Engineer


Meghan "Clouds" Whittaker - Returning Monsooner: Nov '19 (Socotra/Yemen) | Wemyss Bay, UK | Orthopedic Surgeon


Kevin "Padawan" Behnke - Returning Monsooner: Jan '20 (Saharan Odyssey) | Paterson, NJ | Firefighter


Elisabeth "Group Photo Queen" Koechlin - Return Monsooner: Mar. '19 (Pakistan), Jan. '19 (Budapest) | Paris, France | University Lecturer


Nathan R. - Rotterdam, Netherlands | Student


Clio M. - Ireland





And where we’re actually monsooning to this Spring:










Crac des Chevaliers


Deir Mar Musa







Still interested in joining us? More details about the trip can be found here.

And space is still available! Accepting non-USA passport holders only; USA passport deadline has passed, although exceptions may apply. Inquire within: calvin[at]monsoondiaries[dot]com. 



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