Come “Olbia” from Cagliari!

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From a little village by Oristano, we then headed out north towards the Punic and Roman archaeological sites of Tharros:



Climb to the top for views over western Sardinia:



There’s still active excavations going on here!



If you’re into the obscure, which sadly we didn’t have time for, namely evidence of the pre-period from the Paleolithic till the middle Bronze Age (when the Nuragic civilization lived on the island), check out colossal 6 meter tall monolith Menhir di Monte Corru Tundu — one of the largest in Sardinia — located north of the town of Villa Sant’Antonio:



Another 40 minutes north we briefly  swung by Terme Romane di Fordongianus, a set of extremely well preserved Roman baths located in a river valley.



More ruins to the north at Nuraghe Losa:



Then passing through Sassari, we stopped at Church of the Holy Trinity Saccargia, built in 1116:



We eventually reached marble-lined port city of Olbia by the evening, reuniting with the other early arrivals for Yacht Week:



For 5 euros per person we headed into the city and checked into our lodgings at La Residenze del Centro:



Now having dinner at Art Academy before a night of gelatos and wine!



The next day it was like an episode of The Amazing Race as groups of our monsooners began to arrive in waves:



We’re getting closer:



One final orientation before our movie begins.




- At time of posting in Bosa, it was 25 °C - Humidity: 67% | Wind Speed: 10km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear


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