Svalbard Day 4: Northern Pack Ice

by | Jun 23, 2022 | June 2022: Svalbard, Norway, Svalbard, Way Way Off the Beaten Path | 0 comments


Today was a day of entirely sailing, where we headed into the unreal views of endless pack ice to the northwest of Svalbard. So I set up my office for the day:



 We watched endless beauty at 80º Latitude.



 A day totally unplugged and staying in one place; it feels like a Vipassana retreat. It was so zen I don’t even remember what we had for dinner.


Tonight we (well, everyone except for Stephen) play “never have I ever,” and then rage karaoke. 

“My Heart Will Go On”, “I Want it That Way”, “How Far I’ll Go”, taking my shirt off to “Love Tonight”, …tonight… will be the best night of partying on the trip. And all in bright midnight sunlight.

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- At time of posting in Raudfjorden, it was -2 °C - Humidity: 69% | Wind Speed: 2km/hr | Cloud Cover: cloudy


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