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It feels like there’s no limit to our Yacht Week collaborations. After our book launch last September, we headed to my apartment for an afterparty where a large contingency from our Tahiti Yacht Week crew there requested to repeat the adventure in Greece.

As if videos of our prior excursions with TYW wasn’t enough to tempt anyone to return:



So after enormous successes of our partnered trips with The Yacht Week in Sardinia on September 2021, 4 months later at Saint Lucia & Martinique, and then 3 months after that in the French Polynesia, we return for the 4th time with our old friends at TYW to the Greek Islands.

It’s a lot of reunions:

  • French Polynesia Yacht Week is ahead, seeing 6 returners in Megan, Amelia, Daniel, Gina, Jay, and Lyla
  • One of my annual ski trips to Vermont is tied, seeing 6 returners in Koichi, Lyla, Gina, Andre, Victor, and Nicole
  • Svalbard has 4 returners with Amelia, Alicia, Jeanette, and Sujay
  • South Korea also has 4 returners in Christina, Jenny, Sujay, and Paul
  • Sardinia Yacht Week is in third, with 3 returners in Gina, Jeanette, and Sujay
  • Martinique, Saint Lucia, & Guadeloupe Yacht Week is also in third with 3 returners in Jeanette, Paul, and Koichi
  • and non-trip related, the NYC Marathon is seeing 4 returners in Alicia, Gina, Mimi, and Jeanette!

Our top returners:


That said, we introduce our next generation of monsooners:


Calvin "O Captain! My Captain!" Sun - Expedition Leader | Emergency Physician | NYC


Megan "Our Favorite Bagel" Whyte - Returning Chef: Apr. '22 (French Polynesia)


Evan "Florida Man" Danek - Returning Monsooner: Sept '19 (Eastern Coast of Africa + Indian Ocean), Summer '19 (Unknown UAE, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Uganda), May '19 (Barbados), Mar '19 (North Pakistan), Jan '19 (Prague & Budapest) | Financial Systems Manager, Chewy | Miami, FL


'Tina "Arms Dealer" Elise - Returning Monsooner: July '22 (Greece), Sept. '16 (Andorra), Dec. '14 (Palawan) | OH


Kelly "Elevator Technician" Joo - Returning Monsooner: Spring '23 (South Korea & Jeju), Sept. '18 (Japan), Aug. '15 (Scandinavia) | Seoul, South Korea


Amelia "Of Love & Kayaks" Shillingford - Returning Monsooner: Jun. '22 (Svalbard), Apr. '22 (French Polynesia) | NP | VT


Koichi "Broth" Sakamaki - Returning Monsooner: Jan '21 (St. Lucia & Martinique), Spring '17 (Luxeumbourg, Malta & Tunisia) | NYC | Finance


Lyla "Island Broker" Kamigaki – Returning Monsooner: Apr. '22 (French Polynesia) | Real Estate | NYC


Daniel "Drugs or Virgin" Jeng - Returning Monsooner: Apr. '22 (French Polynesia) | Software Engineer | NYC


Jennifer "Couchsurfer" Schultz - Returning Monsooner: Apr. '23 (South Korea & Jeju) | Syracuse, NY


Alicia "Polar Bear" Shi - Return Monsooner: Jun. '22 (Svalbard), Mar. '22 (Egypt) | NYC


Christina "Capsaicin" Lam - Dentist | NYU | NYC


Mimi "Chips Ahoy Flavored Pizza" Chen - Pharmacist | NYC


Michelle "Morning Lark" Liu - Real Estate | NYC


Sahar "My Best Friend Fell into a Trash Can Yesterday" M. - NYC


Victor "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" Tran - Google | Chicago, IL


Wesley "Vegas Pyramid" Huang - New York, NY


Marlena O. - NYC


Jeffrey "Field of Dreams" Wing | Advertising


Sidian "Aspro Páto!" Lan (Meteora only) - Return Monsooner: Jan '19 (Prague & Budapest), Aug '17 (The Balkans), Dec '15 (Extreme SE Asia), Nov '15 (Athens) | Travel & Tourism Operator | Athens, Greece


Melinda "Mundari Warrior” Kwok (Meteora only) - Return Monsooner: Mar '23 (South Sudan) | Engineer | KC Engineering | NYC


Andy "Book Club" Jeon - Pharmacist | NYC


YuHan "YuPhotography" Lee - SF


Vivian "Hong Kong Standard Time" Chen - Hong Kong


Helene Hedenstrand - Skipper


Eva "Soundboks" Gooijers - Onboard Chef
Umbi "Pretty Reasonable Skipper" Genovese - Returning Skipper & Route Manager: Sept. '21 (Sardinia/Corsica), Jan. '22 (St. Lucia/Martinique)


Alex "DJ Mr. Worldwide" EBS - Returning DJ: Jan. '22 (St. Lucia/Martinique)


Jeanette "Chief Risky Officer" Wong - Senior Monsooner: Jun. '23 (Svalbard), May '22 (Wales), Feb. '22 (Whistler), Jan. '22 (Saint Lucia), Sept. '21 (Sardinia & Corsica), Aug '21 (Balearic Islands), Jun '21 (Cyprus) | MRI Specialist | NYC


Gina "Million Dollar Wakeboarder" Fortunato - Returning Monsooner: Jan. '23 (Ivory Coast), Apr. '22 (French Polynesia), Feb. '22 (Whistler), Sept. '21 (Sardinia/Corsica), Jun '21 (Cyprus) | Finance | Denver, CO


Sujay "Dispensary" Sheth - Return Monsooner: Apr. '23 (South Korea & Jeju), Jun. '22 (Svalbard), Feb. '22 (Whistler), Sept. '21 (Sardinia & Corsica) | Radiologist | Chicago


Leslie “The Lamb Whisperer” Limo - Return Monsooner: May '22 (Wales) | HR | Queens, NY


Paul "Shaman" Woo – Return Monsooner: Jan. '22 (St. Lucia & Martinique) | Photographer | OH


Jay "Vermut" Shih - Returning Monsooner: Apr. '22 (French Polynesia) | NYC


Andre "Portable O2" Thomas - Germany, NYC


Gina "Tony Montana" Lee - Pharmacist, Law Student | NYC


Kristen "DC Caper" VN - DC


Nicole "Rooftop Cargo Carrier" Ng - NYC


Ted Kim - ATL


Roxanne "Instant Coffee" Menchaca - PR & Publicist | NYC


Benjie "PrimeCapital" Marcelo - Physical Therapist | LA


Kunal "Tomorrowland" Desai - Bay Area, CA


Michaela "Hot Med School Summer" Osei - Medical Student | NYC


Phil "Reclamation Proclamation" Li - NYC


Maggie Lau (Meteora only) - NYC


Gul "Strawberry Refresher” Fashan (Crete only) - Return Monsooner: May '22 (Wales) | Allied Medical Staff | NYC


Henry Gallegos - LA


Randall "Phil's Best Friend" Chan - LA


Jake Navarro - Skipper


Bibiche Bakkum - Onboard Chef


Arthur Denooze - Onboard Chef


And where we’re actually monsooning through this coming July 2023:


Rhodes, Greece


Athens, Greece


Ermioni, Greece






Alimos, Greece


Poros, Greece




We still have spots available and open up new yachts, but not for long!

Want to join us? More details about the trip can be found here: JULY 2023.


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