“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”



Since our first trip to India, you began to grow. And learn. The decals of your cover began to fade with every stamp that graced your pages.



In the beginning there were periods where you stayed dormant, but it wasn’t until we both became stranded in Egypt did we realize a need for each other.



That experience would lead me to begin this eponymous venture of monsooning, starting with a 3 month adventure through nearly all the countries of Southeast Asia. You then began to collect stamps faster than we could count.



Then came the phases where we learned Spanish together (or Arabic)…



There were the visas we worked our asses off for:



There were our trips to the motherland:



Or we recall a set of full page visas that witnessed our journey through Sub-Saharan Africa:



Then there was that lonely visa stamp from a lonely boat we took across the the Strait of Gibraltar



But you can never forget the one when we both went south and got a little chilly:



There was the time we got a visa for no reason at all:



And then the time when we said screw it and tried again:



There were the times when we got stamps in the shape of a yurt:



…or ones to boast the image of Everest:



There were the 2 countries that competed over who could yield the biggest stamp:



We got to witness a visa designs of times past



…and its subsequent reincarnation



There were the visas of countries that reminded us how large the Soviet Empire was:



And there were two times I tried to resurrect you from the dead:



…before finally coming around to your final stamp of them all:



It’s been a fun 7 years together.



So let’s begin again.




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