Most Generous Hosts: Saraswati Reddy, Avanti Maluste

Best Lifesavers: Vaibhav Shah, Arjun Rajagopal

Earliest Riser: Supraja Sudharsan at 5am

Fastest Response Time: Cindy Chang

Miss Congeniality: Madhurya Reddy

Best Unexpected Travel Partners: Fiona Mary Lewis, Claire McBride

Best Foreign Foreigner: Ryu Hyeon Joo (Korean), Anna Armengol & Ines Moreno (Spanish)

Best Dance Partner: Jazba Singh

Best Dinner Partner: Gillian Grossman

Best Conversations: Nikita Bhalotia

Best Night Adventure: Erin Meyer

Most Curious: Steffi Haberland

Best Brief Encounter (old friend): Sajni Mehta, Nikita Manilal – 2 hrs.

Best Brief Encounter (complete stranger): Kitty Van’t Geloof – 3 hrs.

Best Brief Encounter (friend of a friend): Vineet Devaiah – 2 hrs.

Best Brief Encounter (family): The Baraodawalas

Most Random/WTF Awards: Nikita Bhalotia, Steffi Haberland, Kitty Van’t Geloof, Jamie Fleming, Yiru Li, Lydia & Danielle

Best Planned Reunion: Rebecca Joseph

Best Unplanned Reunion: Jamie Fleming

Best “Bro” – Tanmay Dhanania, Dave Levin

Best College Nostalgia – Nishant Dixit, Mrinal Mohanka, Thommen Ollapally

Best Translator: Etri Pratiwi

Best Party Animal: Shyama Rajendran

Most Energetic: BX Tang

Best Effort on Nightlife: Van Nguyen

Best House Party: Saniya Gupta & Malika

Best Dynamic Duo: Hansika & Ashiba Sahni

Most Interesting Drama: Natasha Hoban

The Humanitarian Award: Geoff Soe Lin Aung

Best Group Dinner: Alice Cazenave, Rebecca Joseph, XiaoXiao Peng, Mic Smith, Andy Coclough, Mathilde Utzon, David

Most Understanding: Jackson Gore

Most Impressive Traveler: Jamie Fleming

Best Bar Conversation: Holly Taylor

Most Anticipated Promise for my next travel partner: Shivani Khatau

Most Potential for my next travel partner: Jean Pak

Longest Goodbye: Julia Grochla, Nikita Bhalotia

The Hardest Goodbye: Nikita Bhalotia

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