Destination Arrival
1 Baku, Azerbaijan December 27, 2015
2 Astana, Kazakhstan January 28, 2016
3 Tashkent, Uzbekistan January 29, 2016
4 Khiva, Uzbekistan January 31, 2016
5 Bukhara, Uzbekistan January 1, 2016
6 Samarkand, Uzbekistan January 3, 2016
7 Khujand, Tajikistan January 5, 2016
8 Varzob, Tajikistan January 7, 2016
9 Dushanbe, Tajikistan January 8, 2016
10 BIshkek, Kyrgyzstan January 9, 2016
11 Almaty, Kazakhstan January 10, 2016
12 Tbilisi, Georgia January 11, 2016
13 Gori, Georgia January 11, 2016
14 Stepantsminda, Georgia January 12, 2016

Monsooners: Eilidh “Secondhand Shoes” Crowley, Ben “Encyclopedia Australiannica” Crowley, Yvonne “Beginner’s Luck” Liu, Patricia “Dancing Turkey” Tsai, Chris “The Monkey King” Tang, Johnson “The Spy From S.I.N.G.A.P.O.R.E.”, Melissa “Candy Floss”, Remi “The BEKoning” Coker, Siavash “Persian Rugs” Dejgosha, Matt “Oh My Days” Peters, Helen “Potato Salad” Chou, Tan “Bukharan Idol” Nguyen, Ines “Bee’s Knees” Petri, Claudia “Marlboro Lady” Petri, Anna “Everybody’s Russian!” Zavalova, Anne “Postcards From The Edge” Davison, Velvet “Everyone’s Favorite Cool Aunt”


Video recap of the trip:



“. . . They even planned a trip to tour Central Asia together. Tan would later reflect that this two-week trip through Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan was the culmination point in which he realized he found his life-long partner. Six months later, Tan proposed to Helen in a quiet tea house in the hills of southern Taipei. . . .” – Tan & Helen

“I’ve completed my full-length video from my Silk Road/Central Asia trip that I completed with the Monsoon Diaries back in January, and after editing it for several months, it’s brought me some bittersweet memories. . . .

. . . Just reading about a person and reading the way they type their thoughts is so different than the real thing. A cackling laugh, a familiar musky cologne, or the movement in the way a friend fake-grimaces at your awful joke is just so powerful to the human connection. It can’t be replaced. . . .

. . . It’s interesting to see how, as I grew comfortable with the strangers-to-become-friends, the footage becomes goofier and less inhibited, and better expresses the true emotion and feel of the trip. The first clips in Tashkent are of strangers on the first day, the last clips in Almaty are of international family. . . .

. . . So take a deep breath, sit back, and enjoy the 4-country, 14-day journey of the Silk Road 2016 in one digestible video. This video isn’t a replacement for the panoramic views of the Hissar Fort, the unique smells of a street bazaar, and the touch of Tajik silk. But it’s as close as you may get.” – Melissa, And The One Will Be As One 

“We’re more than blessed to have such a memorable journey with a fun, crazy bunch of travelers that you all are! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and keep us updated & KEEP IN TOUCH! Miss you all!!!!!” – Patricia

“Safely back home! Thanks guys for the great trip! Let me know if any of you happen to pass by Singapore and we can have a drink 🙂 Continue to rock for the rest of the trip!” – Johnson

“Big thank you to Young Pioneer Tours Central Asia and The Monsoon Diaries/Calvin D. Sun for an unforgettable adventure through Uzbekistan and amazing new friends.” – Yvonne

“Been a pleasure to meet you all the last couple of weeks. I’ve had a great trip, I’m sure all our paths will cross in the future. Thanks to Eilidh, Ben, and Mr Monsoon himself Calvin for organising a great trip.” – Matt

“Thank you all for making this trip an amazing one. I can’t wait to go on another trip with YPT or Mr. Monsoon himself.” – Melissa

“Thank you for being in this trip. Hope I can see you again soon!” – Helen

Destination Arrival
1 Santorini, Greece November 15, 2015
2 Athens, Greece November 17, 2015

Destination Arrival
1 Copenhagen, Denmark August 8, 2015
2 Helsingør, Denmark August 9, 2015
3 North Sea, August 10, 2015
4 Oslo, Norway August 11, 2015
5 Stockholm, Sweden August 12, 2015
6 Baltic Sea, August 16, 2015
7 Helsinki, Finland August 17, 2015
8 Gulf of Finland, August 17, 2015
9 Tallinn, Estonia August 18, 2015
10 Ainazi, Latvia August 19, 2015
11 Riga, Latvia August 20, 2015
12 Siauliai, Lithuania August 21, 2015
13 Vilnius, Lithuania August 22, 2015
14 Trakai, Lithuania August 23, 2015
15 Minsk, Belarus August 24, 2015
Monsooners: Jennifer “Mom” Li, Dave “Responsible Uncle” Zhou, Jamie “Jamilah” Jimenez, Emily “Meathead” Chen, Jennifer “YAY” Yeh, William “Whale Meat” Lau, Ambrose “Celtic” Chu, Nadi “Better Late Than Never” Kaonga, Eric “Flow” Huynh, Teresa “T” Thong, Vivian “V” Cheng, Kelly “Skyscraper” Joo, Shannon “Six-Shootin’ American Idol” Murphy, Katy “Texan Belle” Budge, Michelle “Kindergarden Cop” Duncan, Alex “Athos” Wang, Jack “Porthos” He, Will “Aramis” Chen, Kel “D’artagnan” Sage, Alice “Club Alice” Tsui, Jeffrey “The Wise Man” O’Neill, Joyce “Telepath” Zhang, Joshua “Blynines” Zhang, Christina “Tamer Of The Whale Meat” Ren, Tara Densmore, Tamara Densmore

Remarks: “Calvin, just wanted to say thank you so much for another amazing trip. I just read your latest post, it’s beautiful. I’m thankful to be part of these experiences with you and really appreciate all that you do. Mad love bro.” – Alice Tsui

“Went on my second trip with the Monsoon Diaries (first being the Route 66 Road Trip) to Scandinavia and came back with so many awesome memories and friendships that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. This was a part of Europe that I may not have otherwise visited and I’m glad I got to experience the culture, food, and sights of these amazing countries. Definitely looking forward to future trips with The Monsoon Diaries!” – Kel Sage

“Holy shit! That about sums it up….just wanted to spell it out on behalf of me and Joyce: awesome job. Calvin for being the cool big bro I’ve always wanted and Jen for being a caring big sis (because the world could always use more of those!)–also note I avoided any mom/dad denominations.

Traveling may be a hobby but what you two do is truly a public service. Keep it up (gig) and hope to see you around NY.” – Joshua Zhang

“I’m home I’m safe I’m happy I’m sick like a dog but I had a BLAST. Thanks Monsoon [Diaries] for taking me out my comfort zone.” – Ms. Duncan

“It was great to meet everyone, thank you so much for making this trip incredible! Of course, biggest thanks to Jenn and Calvin for putting this together and making it all possible! Keep in touch everyone and see you in NYC soon for a reunion!” – Joyce Zhang

“Thanks [The Monsoon Diaries and Map&Move] for everything during this insane, hilarious, awesome and memorable trip.” – Ambrose Chu

“I will miss you folks. Thank you so much for your kindness and making me immediately feel like a part of the framily. I hope we keep in touch and wish you all safe and wonderful continued travels. Looking forward to sharing photos and more. . . . The thanks are to you and Jenn for all you have and continue to do with leading us.” – Nadi Kaonga

“Echoing the same sentiments as everyone else here. Thank you so much for such a fun week. I’m super glad to have met all of you and let’s definitely hang out / keep in touch!” – Christina Ren

“So awesome to meet everyone!  Definitely looking forward to a reunion.” – Kel Sage

“It was great meeting all of you guys. Thanks for the wonderful memories. Expecting a lot of great pics during the week.” – Eric Huynh

“Thank you both so much for organizing the Scandinavia trip! I really appreciate all of your hard work and effort…Enjoy the rest of your trip and again, thank you! 😘 Katy” – Katy Budge

Destination Arrival
1 Oranjestad, Aruba April 12, 2015
2 Caracas, Venezuela April 12, 2015
3 Angel Falls, Venezuela April 13, 2015
4 Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela April 15, 2015
5 Willemstad, Curaçao April 16, 2015
6 Georgetown, Guyana April 17, 2015
7 Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname April 18, 2015
8 Paramaribo, Suriname April 19, 2015
9 Cayenne, French Guiana April 21, 2015
10 Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago April 22, 2015
Monsooners: Jennifer “Map&Move” Li, Gareth “The Guvnor” Johnson, Rik “The Flying Dutchman” Brinks, Lei “Monk” Zhao, Patrick “Jade Dragon Coffee Health Center” Han, Maddie “The Engineer” Ene, Cindy “Ploppity” Cui, Calvin “One-Armed Bandit” Chen, Yoni “Birthday Boy” Rubin, Clay Gilliland, Tom Peddle, Freddy Lansky, George Martin, Donal Mulvihill

Remarks: “Omg its only been a day back home and I already have withdrawal. Miss you guys!” – Cindy Cui

“Crying, because of the scary outside world” – Rik Brinks


Destination Arrival
1 New York City, New York March 28, 2015
2 Washington DC, USA March 29, 2015
3 Roanoke, USA March 30, 2015
4 Knoxville, USA March 31, 2015
5 Nashville, USA April 1, 2015
6 Memphis, USA April 2, 2015
7 Chicago, USA April 3, 2015
8 St. Louis, USA April 4, 2015
9 Oklahoma City, USA April 5, 2015
10 Albuquerque, USA April 6, 2015
11 Holbrook Arizona, USA April 7, 2015
12 Needles, USA April 8, 2015
13 San Francisco, USA April 9, 2015
14 Madison, USA April 11, 2015

Monsooners: Jennifer “Map&Move” Li, Gareth “The Guvnor” Johnson, Brandon “The Terminator” Garcia, Alice “The Virtuoso” Tsui, Kel “The Sage” Sage, Duncan “Triple D”, Jorge Orpinel, Vishnu Vinekar, William “The Pharmacist” Lau, Clay Gilliland, George Martin

Remarks: “Sending mad love to everyone!!! You guys are awesome and I wouldn’t have had this trip any other way <3” – Alice Tsui

“This was really out of my comfort zone. Which I needed!” – Duncan

“It’s been one hell of an adventure. From Chicago to San Francisco, wouldn’t have it any other way.” – Brandon Garcia

“We should do another one sometime. :-)” – Vishnu Vinekar

“My Route 66 Family of Road Warriors It’s been real and unreal.” – Alice Tsui

“Had an amazing time!” – Kel Sage

“Ditto.” – Duncan

“It was a wonderful experience! Thank you so much!” – William Lau